The Story of the Tulasi Plant (Part I and II)


2-dvd set

Travel back in time to an age of glory and magic, when demons and demigods clashed in battle with mysterious weapons and astonishing powers. This Purnima Puppet Theatre masterpiece brings to life a compelling epic adventure, filled with complex intrigue, poignant romance, and thrilling action.

Lord Indra, the King of the Demigods, has insulted Lord Siva, and so Siva teaches him a lesson that threatens the destruction of the demigods. This action-packed story sets the scene for the appearance of Vrinda, a celestial goddess who incarnates as the sacred Tulasi plant on earth.

This spectacular video offers spendid visuals and dazzling special effects, along with cataclysmic battles, gnarly demons, and a timeless, exciting story that fascinates viewers of all ages.