A Rupa Gosvami Sampler


60 Minute Audio Cassette Tape

This tape begins with two eight-verse poems about Lord Caitanya in which Rupa Gosvami prays to have the darshan and receive the mercy of the Lord once again. Very beautiful and moving. Then there is a meditation on Lord Krsna coming back from the forest of Vrndavana with His cows and friends; it’s called the Kesavastaka. Then there are two eight-verse poems about Krsna as Kunja-vihari, “He who sports in the groves of Vrndavana.” Delightful in content and meter. I have also included a five-verse poem called the “Tri-bangi-cchanda-stava.” The metric and alliterative virtuosity have to be heard to be believed. Miscellaneous verses from the Stava-mala (the source of all the verses) round out the tape. A feast for the ears.

Listen: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ml-gu1zE1QLVsG9_5WmfvPvUtds-ojbP/view?usp=sharing